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~initiate UrgentUberQuestPlug.exe~
Uber Quest Volume II Call of the Relic has 30 Hours to go! That’s > 2 days but < 1 day!
~Uploading stats~
They have raised $20,918 from 161 loyal fans!
~Deploy Praise~
You have all done amazing, we seriously can’t stress that enough!
~Launch Carrot.exe~
Their next stretch goal, $2082 for Kibbles Plush is within reach! She is the plushie you didn’t know you needed in your life until now! Please poke your friends and convince them to donate in these final hours! We can make it happen!
~Commence with appreciation~
Thank you so much for all your support!
Please click below to donate while there is still time!
~End UberQuestPlug.exe~

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